Let’s Talk About The Crucifixion

Hello, friend! It’s Good Friday, just a couple of days before Easter Sunday, and it’s almost time to celebrate the resurrection! But first, we have to talk about what happened before Jesus rose again; what He had to do to save us on Good Friday many years ago. Let’s get into it!


Before we talk, I want you to read the story of Jesus’s crucifixion. You can read any of the gospels, but I’ll point you to John 19:16-42.

After you read it, pray that God will reveal the story to you with new eyes.

Gospel Numbness 

It’s easy to feel really numb about this story, especially if you grew up in a Christian family and went to church pretty often. You’ve heard the same lines over and over again (Jesus died for us) and it just starts to get really repetitive and dull.

I want to break this down so that it won’t be numb anymore so that you can see it with new eyes; so that you can realize how amazing this is

1. We Have All Sinned

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 3:23

You may think, “Oh I’m not that bad” or “I don’t sin that much.”

Have you ever yelled at a sibling? Talked back to your parents? Had angry thoughts about someone? Talked behind another person’s back? Took something from your friends without asking? 

Think of anything you have ever done, just one little annoying thought or angry glare, and you’ve sinned. Anything that seems small but you know deep down is bad, you’ve sinned. If you doubt me, read a few chapters of Jesus’s teaching in the Gospels or some of Paul’s letters and then reconsider.

And since you’ve sinned, you’re a criminal. You broke God’s rules, so you’re against Him.

You are permanently stained. There’s no way for God to forgive you. You’re basically done.

2. Jesus Steps In

Imagine this scene for a moment: You’re about to die for your crimes, for your sins against God. You are helpless.

And then Jesus walks in and says no.

Jesus walks over to you and says that He will take your place, He will go and die instead so that you can be free of sin. Jesus never sinned in His life, He is perfect, and yet He is willing to die for you, a criminal.

And He does, Jesus suffers and dies on the cross for you. He dies like a criminal, He takes your place. And suddenly you are free, blameless. 

But the story’s not over yet.

Good News Is Still Coming

Jesus won’t be gone forever because of your sins; something even better is coming. And on Sunday we will discuss it in more detail. Until then, pray and reflect on Jesus’s death, and feel free to read the other Gospels to have all four perspectives.

“A little while, and you will see me [Jesus] no longer; and again a little while, and you will see me.”

John 16:16

I don’t know what your reaction was to what I said in this article and if it changed anything in you, but I hope and pray it did. I hope desperately that you are no longer numb, or maybe you have seen Jesus for the first time.

I encourage you, if this article did change something in your heart to pray about it. Not sure what to pray? That’s okay, God knows what’s in your heart and what you want to say to Him. 

If you really need someone to talk with, feel free to contact me! You can click here to contact me through the blog, and I will see your message. I’d love to hear from you, and I will willingly pray for you and encourage you in your faith.

What To Do Today

It’s really up to you how you spend today, but I recommend spending some quiet reflection time as well as some family worship. Today marks a very important day, so it’s important we display our appreciation for God. 

I have a few songs for worship that I’ll link here, and of course the Bible passage at the top of this article. I encourage you to consider the lyrics of the song, not just singing without caring what they say. It’s important to know and understand what we’re singing.

Nailed To The Cross – Rend Collective

Death Was Arrested – North Point

Man Of Sorrows – Hillsong

Christ Is Enough – Hillsong

You can really choose any worship song, but these are a few to get you started!

What’s Next

That’s right, you get a bonus article on Sunday! The article will go over the rest of the story and again include a Bible passage and some worship songs, so stay tuned!

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helped portray Jesus’s crucifixion in a new way for you, and remember the contact form is always open for you to ask for prayers, encouragement, or both! Thanks so much for reading, and please consider signing up for my email list so that you receive my monthly newsletter on the first Friday of every month.

Have a blessed day,


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