Book Review: Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

Hello, friend! I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family. Today we have a very special post, as it’s my first book review! This post will probably be shorter than most, but believe me, this book is good!

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible With Both Our Hearts And Our Minds lays out the perfect strategy for any person to use, not just women. It starts by listing out ways we can study and interpret the Bible incorrectly, and honestly, I qualified in many of the categories she listed.

Jen Wilkin doesn’t leave us hanging with the new idea that our study is wrong. She then explains what she calls the “Five P’s of Sound Study.” They are: Purpose, Perspective, Patience, Process, and Prayer. 

In each chapter, she goes over how to use each “P” in steps that are easy to understand. Closer to the end of the book, she shows an example of how to use all five “P’s’ together, a helpful tool after all the information she gives you.

Why We Need This Sound Study

Throughout the entire book, Jen Wilkin supports the idea that loving God means also knowing God. If we love something or someone, we often want to know the person or thing better. 

As we grow in the knowledge of God’s character throughout the study of the Word, we cannot help but grow an exponentially greater love for him.

Jen Wilkin, Women of the Word

Reading and studying the Bible is how we learn about God, and learning about God helps us see how great He really is. 

If you’re worried about simply understanding the Bible, this book goes over that too! She gives you tips for comprehending what you read, and then how to study and apply it. 

She also has her own Bible studies you can buy on her website here if you want some help getting started. 

What’s Happening Next?

I will be using the strategies explained in this book in future articles about Bible passages. The first book I’ll be going through is 1 Peter, so I encourage you to go buy Jen Wilkin’s book and read some of 1 Peter to prepare!

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this book review! I hope you want to go read the book yourself now, and I hope that it will help you figure out how to study the Bible, especially if you’ve struggled with doing that for a while. I’ll see you next week!

Have a blessed day, 


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