The People Who Lived to the Lord (+New Blog Series)

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To start off today’s article, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my bookshelf. Don’t worry, I’m not going to describe it to you in detail (though if you really want that, I could), just hear me out. 

My Bookshelf 

On my bookshelf in my room, one of the shelves has several books by the same authors and publishing company. Each of these books talks about a different person’s life. There’s one with the name ‘Rachel Saint’, another with ‘Hudson Taylor’, a third with the name, ‘Gladys Aylward.’ The majority of these people were missionaries or those who lived for God.

Why I Love These Biographies 

I have several of these biographies on my shelf because I enjoy reading about these people’s lives. Each story is different and their dedication and love for Christ is a shining light in them.

Let’s talk about one of the names I mentioned above: Rachel Saint. Rachel’s brother, Nate, was a missionary pilot in Ecuador and worked on a team with four other men. One day, Nate and his friends were killed by tribesmen they were trying to reach in the jungle. Rachel, however, continued her missionary work to these people and later, to quote the biography, 

Now Rachel found herself looking into the eyes of the man who may well have speared her brother to death… [she] felt not anger but compassion toward him.

Rachel Saint: A Star in the Jungle, p. 148

Rachel Saint continued to reach out towards these people and helped progress the Gospel significantly. Her love for them despite what they did to her brother is incredible and truly inspirational. We can also learn from her story. She exercised love and forgiveness when faced with these men, even though she knew what they had done in the past.

Introducing the Live It! Series 

Now I’m happy to introduce you to the Live It! series, where we will focus on the lives of missionaries and others who lived to the Lord. I will be going into more detail, using these biographies and other resources, about these people’s lives. Please remember, however, that even though these people did great things, Jesus should still be our ultimate role model and hope. These people lived for Jesus, and though they can inspire us to do the same, they should not become idols.

Final Thoughts 

Thank you for reading today’s article! Are you excited about the new series? Do you have a missionary or person you’ve read about that you’d like to see an article on? Let me know in the comments below or through the Contact page. I’ll see you next time!

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